Complaint Resolution Service

Pursuant to the .luxe Launch Phase Policies, if an Applicant who applied for a .luxe Domain Name during the Limited Registration period was allocated a .luxe Domain Name but was not the owner of the directly matching second level domain name in .eth at the time of Application, the Registry and/or Registrar may immediately suspend, delete and/or terminate the Applicant’s registration for the applicable .luxe Domain Name.

In order to proceed with a complaint regarding Domain Names allocated during the .luxe Limited Registration Period, a third party on its own behalf (or a registrar on behalf of its registrant client) can send a complaint to

To dispute a .luxe Limited Registration Period Domain Name allocation:

  • The complaintant has thirty (30) days after the close of the Limited Registration Period to bring a complaint.
  • If the Registry determines the .luxe name was allocated to a party that was not the owner of the directly matching .eth name, the Registry is authorized to reserve, sell, and/or use the applicable .luxe Domain Name in any way, at its sole discretion.
    • If the .luxe Domain Name registration was for a 1 or 2 year registration term, no refund will be granted because the Applicant only paid the non-refundable Limited Registration Application Fee.
    • If the .luxe Domain Name registration term was for 3 or more years, the Applicant will be refunded the registration fees paid for year 3 or more, but will not be refunded the non-refundable Limited Registration Application Fee.

If the Registry cannot independently assess the legitimacy of the complaint, the Registry may refer the matter to an independent Ombudsperson through the Complaint Resolution Service (CRS).

  • The applicable fees with respect to the referral of proceedings under the CRS to the Ombudsperson are:
    • For Complaints involving 1-5 Domain Names, the fee is €50 (euros) plus applicable taxes.
    • For Complaints involving 6 or more Domain Names, the Ombudsperson and/or Abuse Point of Contact will set a fee.
    • Fees are calculated on a cost-recovery basis; the Registry does not intend profit from its mediation or administration services of the Complaint Resolution Service.